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there, i summarized their entire relationship for you


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I have been waiting for this for so long

BFFEWYLION. Frikkin’ adorable brotp.

'The Oncoming Storm and The Most Important Woman in the Whole of Creation.'

While I was working on the previous artstuff, I started to have Tenth Doctor feels and my favourite companion is Donna Noble so I made this. God I love the ‘Partners in Crime’ episode, Catherine Tate is freaking brilliant. Loved the whole series 4 really.

For sale on my RedBubble account as clothing(tees, hoodies, etc) and iPad and iPhone cases.

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Well to me, the fact that Ted says - 

Which brings us to the story of a wedding day that went horribly wrong…

- doesn’t make me doubt BRoTP Swarkles endgameness, it just makes me think the actual wedding episode will be effing hilarious when it finally decides to show its breathtakingly teasing self.

I very much look forward to it cuz of all this supposed horrible wrongness.