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I fear for the HIMYM fandom’s sanity if the mother’s still not introduced later. Or, god forbid, the Swarkles wedding doesn’t go through.

How does one move on with life right after watching ‘The Robin’?

It was so beautiful and warm and fuzzy and just perfect and I can’t with anything right now

I thought HIMYM would go easy on me today.

No such luck.

Please don’t make me cry today HIMYM. BBC already ruined my day.


Get your ass back in there, Scherbatsky!

Why would you end like that HIMYM…


Well to me, the fact that Ted says - 

Which brings us to the story of a wedding day that went horribly wrong…

- doesn’t make me doubt BRoTP Swarkles endgameness, it just makes me think the actual wedding episode will be effing hilarious when it finally decides to show its breathtakingly teasing self.

I very much look forward to it cuz of all this supposed horrible wrongness.