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My friend sent this to me to make me smile. It worked. For all 71 times I’ve replayed it. Now for 72.

My friend just texted me the link to this along with "WATCH THIS. TENDERLY."

I was eating when the video started and I immediately started to choke when I realised what was happening.

I can’t believe I’m only finding out about this. Anna Kendrick and Kristen Chenoweth, two of my favourite people ever

Singing For Good

My favourite song

From one of my favourite musicals ever,


"Hermione just stole all of our shit."

Will watch this even just for that scene.

Dammit Johnny, what’s happened to make you so negative?



Ha, I love how when they mentioned Leo it was like "Oh there’s this new kid coming in - Leonardo Di Caprio - you don’t know him, but he’s great, he plays the homeless kid" Lmao. 

So like my reaction to this:

1. A couple reuniting at a super market - oh okay, some sort of romance shite

2. And the supermarket gets robbed - oh it’s like some intense drama where they’re held hostage in the grocery!…

3. Then a tsunami hits the town - ……waitwhat?

4. And great white sharks swim around and start eating people -